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If I've learned one thing from over 10 years on the internet it's how not to care about the stupid little stunts insignificant people pull to get you riled up.

Remember the guy who tried to troll me 5 years back with the LJ name 'Starfag' when I wasn't even on the internet? Or the more recent troll who pretended to be my draconic mother and then started a bunch of shit "on my behalf"? Yeah, that's right, you don't. :D

Take this as step two towards a better reputation because they're at it again, and I don't give a fuck! The only reason for this post is to taunt them. One good turn deserves another after all.
I will need someone to drive me from one of the BART stations to the actual camping ground. I will be there some time before 12:00 PM. Please note me with your number if you can give me a ride from the Fremont BART.

Who's going anyway?
You know, I think it's really stupid to burn the Koran. If anything you are creating artificial scarcity in a good that is easily produced, and the only one it's costing is the one who purchases the book in the first place and spends their own time doing something completely ridiculous that will have no effect whatsoever on whether or not terrorists are actually going to attack us again.

So one would think I would be pleased by this news.


However, far from being content with this outcome, I am actually quite appalled. Not so much at the choice to choose not to do the book burning, but in how involuntary that choice actually turned out to be.

"It only took repeated visits from the FBI, outraged comments from pretty much every American leader, promises to not cover it from news groups who in the past aired American secrets obtained illegally without blinking, and denunciations from the Vatican and the UK. Oh yeah, and...Collapse )

Then again, the freedom of expression which allowed Americans to commit similar gestures in the past without fear of violence (aimed at the Bible, most often), cost millions of American soldiers their lives. So, even in light of all that talk and outrage, our current leaders invested relatively little effort into just giving it away."

This is from a post (by Jake Ellison) made to expose the hypocrisy of those who are, in effect, taking "no tolerance for the intolerant" to its necessary consequences.
Of course, some individuals are willing to help make things better. At least we have that. I guess even if most of the world is against transgendered people, the fact that some people are willing to do something for them makes me feel a little bit of hope.


I should do more to help trans people, like donate maybe $50.00 or something. Though I will have to check if I have the money. Heck, I might just sell a few things of mine I don't need anymore or haven't used and am not likely to use any time soon.
Why is it that if someone is clinically depressed, there is typically help for them, and everybody sympathizes, but someone with monomania gets mislabeled as schizophrenic?

You know how much I like Inception? Well as it turns out, my interest is because I had monomania in the past where my thought of obsession was "reality isn't real". Yet I'm the first one to notice this.

Of course, people think 'mania' is somehow less deadly than 'depression'. That is patently false. Do you know why I crashed my car in the first place? It was the mania. I almost died from it for fuck's sake!
Heads up to anyone living in Philadelphia. Just proof that it isn't always sunny there. I will not EVER travel to this entire STATE if this fascist law against free blogging holds. This means I won't ever be going to AC. Fine with me, if the state doesn't overturn this law it doesn't deserve business.


We should take this all the way to the SCOTUS. If it doesn't get overturned, then we as nerds might just have to team up with /b/. Then again Moot will probably suck the law's dick like he did with the person who hacked into Sarah Palin's e-mail account if we do anything illegal. Still it's worth a shot.
The Octonians, with 8 different total units, are the fourth division algebra.
The number 24 is four factorial.
The number 10 is 1 + 2 + 3 + 4.

It's 8/24/10. And all three of those digits have something to do with the number four. :P
The tale of three furries.

Also, why I hate the fandom.

Furry 1 was all "I hate my parents they won't let me use the internet!"

Everyone loved Furry 1 so they offered said fur a place to stay and life got better, even though only the internet was at stake.

Furry 2 was all "I hate my life, so I'm going to end it!"

Everyone may have disliked Furry 2 at first, but their self-chosen death was treated as a tragedy and everybody cried for them.

Furry 3 receives death threats.

Nobody listens. They offer no means to escape this furry's impending doom and likely no pity when the furry is eventually killed.

Tell me again why furry is considered full of good, caring people?

They say its worst property is being a hugbox, but where is that hugbox? I hate those things, but if it will save my life, or at least tell my side of my life experiences and vindicate me after death, I would be willing to go back to one of those.
I just can't let them get away with this.


This should be in the top news organizations and fought vociferously by liberal politicians.
Go check out Anima's livejournal. He has an idea there which could really become something.


I've thought of this before, and I have said so, but nobody would listen to me. I'm glad more people are starting to take the idea seriously.