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Parsing Between Spaces.

I'm thinking of being more careful with my words. I've done a lot of thing online that have hurt a lot of people, all because I believed that the internet was just a place to fart around. I had no idea that people had legitimate reasons to call it their home.

Sorry if I've not been as careful in the past. I just wasn't used to the internet. In fact I wasn't used to socializing. I'd always been the odd one out at school. In High School I got a reputation for being bizarre and wild. Before that, I had it pretty rough.

For someone who has a professionally diagnosed condition, though, I think I've done well for myself. I mean I've come all this way, and aside from a few persistent problems. Though I'm far from popular, I think I have enough character to make a few good friends.

Not saying that I've done well compared to others. I mean, there are people who have gone from being total prats and quickly became well known for their contributions to the community. I have done nothing of the sort, and it's far too late to start anyhow.

Trusting the community to treat me fairly is a bit problematic of course, and for obvious reasons. Maybe I don't deserve fair treatment. I know that sounds kind of silly, like a paradox of sorts, but reality is a funny thing.

You know, I learned a thing or two about reality. It never quite turns out how you expect. I don't want to go on further about that topic however, it's a digression from the point and quite frankly I've rambled on enough already. I'll leave you be, for now.
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