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I'd rather be someone else.

The tale of three furries.

Also, why I hate the fandom.

Furry 1 was all "I hate my parents they won't let me use the internet!"

Everyone loved Furry 1 so they offered said fur a place to stay and life got better, even though only the internet was at stake.

Furry 2 was all "I hate my life, so I'm going to end it!"

Everyone may have disliked Furry 2 at first, but their self-chosen death was treated as a tragedy and everybody cried for them.

Furry 3 receives death threats.

Nobody listens. They offer no means to escape this furry's impending doom and likely no pity when the furry is eventually killed.

Tell me again why furry is considered full of good, caring people?

They say its worst property is being a hugbox, but where is that hugbox? I hate those things, but if it will save my life, or at least tell my side of my life experiences and vindicate me after death, I would be willing to go back to one of those.
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