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Finally, some sanity!

When everyone's looking at you, you can do whatever you want, because you can rest assured that someone out there believes your side of the story and will stand up for you no matter what. It's when people wonder if they shouldn't be looking at you that things start to get a little dicey. The moment your friends, mutual or not, eyes are off you, all hell starts to breaks loose.

For discussion: Stop watching Osama Bin Laden's videos (and this means NOW!) and, more importantly, stop REPORTING them, at least to public news venues, and the people around him will start to wonder why. The moment you have stopped being scared of a terrorist, you have won and he has lost. Besides, swift military action is easier to do under cover of darkness, with your only shining light being your rational self confidence.

Oh yeah, and shut up about McCain's lies and all that crap he does unless you want him to win. Seriously. I know this he-said she-said crap is really interesting, especially to you furries, but if you really want Obama to win you'll do what he's doing and shut your yappers.

A similar thing can be said to Objectivists. It's better that someone discovers Objectivism in the annals of history than in the midst of a crisis. That may be where and when Rand's wisdom is needed most, but you aren't Ayn Rand. Stop trying to be.
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